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1. Astonishing First Temple Secrets revealed. See through texts and drawings how King Solomon's Temple was built as a concealed tripartite man who is Jacob, the Levite High Priest and an amazing Metallic Messiah figure. New information. Multiple drawings. Nothing like it on the Internet. Entirely based on Jewish biblical texts, the Tanach, commonly known as the "Old Testament". Start by clicking here on number 1, it's the Home Page.

2. Sex and the Temple, its Symbolism and Meaning.

3. First Temple Vs. Second Temple

4. The Portrayal and Ascension of the Immortal Soul or Spirit

5. Secrets of the Passover: Separating Flesh and Spirit

6. Crossing the Jordan: Amazing info Secrets

7. The Meaning of Solomon's Mystical Sea of Bronze

8. The Secret of Solomon's Pillars, Jachin and Boaz

9. Jacob's Dream of a Ladder

10. Secrets of the Holy Place

11. King Solomon's Cyborg Messiah

12. Secrets of the Holy Ark

13. More Secrets of the Holy Ark