by Tony Badillo

This is King Solomon's Metallic Messiah, here renamed Cyborg Messiah for the sake of a modernized perspective.

A cyborg is an individual whose physiology has been intensified by electronic or mechanical devices. While the biblical messiah is not this, his metallic sheen may suggest such a view.

The golden chain around his neck relates to the gold chains between the Temple's two rooms, the Holy of Holies and the Holy Place (I Kings 6:21) as explained in Jacob's Dream Ladder.

The emblem on his chest is the top of the Golden Altar [A] of Incense slightly altered [B] for artistic reasons. This small golden altar inside the Temple symbolizes the human heart, as explained in Secrets of the Holy Place.

Finally, the pelvic area is the Ulam or Porch (Portico), signifying procreation and, therefore, his own humanity. See King Solomon's Astonishing Temple Secrets.